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Monday, June 15, 2009

Unicorns and Retail

Finally, a story that involves a drunken Sunday beer bust that WASN'T at the Eagle!

After band practice, I met up with Jeff and Todd for the softball beer bust at the Pilsner Inn. The crowd was quiet and mellow. Near the end, Jeff spotted a guy he was interested in. I was in drunk wingman mode, so of course I wandered over and drug him back to our group. The standard 20 questions game ensued.

  1. ME: What's your name? Damon, he is now introduced to the group
  2. ME: That's an interesting tattoo sticking out on your forearm. It looks fresh what is it? Yes it's fresh, it's a huge unicorn. Wow. FYI, not the one pictured, I just stole that from the internets. His was seriously, a large unicorn encompassing his whole forearm.
  3. DAMON: So what do you guys do for a living? He works at the shaving store at the mall.

It went on, but let's just say he lost us at Unicorns and Retail. Which, according to the backstory I made up in my head for him, was his point. He seemed to be a unique guy who was very content with himself. A lot of people (OKAY ME) can be superficial about peoples careers. Why not filter those folks out immediately?

We excused ourselves to head to dinner leaving our friend Jimmy as the sacrificial lamb.


Blogger me said...

How terribly rich bitch of you all!!!

June 24, 2009 at 4:00 PM  

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