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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dore Alley Pictures

This weekend was the annual "Up Your Alley" street fair. They have forced the festival to tone things down, so it was a lot tamer this year. Although it may just be that I'm totally dead to any display of public nudity and/or sex after living in San Francisco for two years. Of course I took a few pictures.


I really wasn't sure if they were "fur real", or if they just had the rubber fox suit left over from an adult Mozilla event. Wherever it came from, it was impressive piece of work. The blue fluffy dog boyfriend was a nice touch accessory. I saw quite a few of the puppy play people around as well. I'm still not sure what is sexy about your boyfriend pretending to sniff other peoples' butts.

Assless Rubber Wrestling Singlet

I was a bit baffled by the boots, but all in all, this was a pretty all encompassing 4-in-1 fetish outfit. I imagine the shopping list the day he found this was something like:
* Inappropriate body parts exposed? Check!
* Sports? Check!
* Rubber? Check!
* Boots? Check!

The Eagle

I dropped by the Eagle after walking through the fair. Other than seeing some guy in a jock strap get eaten out, it was less wild than a normal Sunday beer bust.


This dude was a lot hotter in person - until he opened his mouth. He was a nelly mean drunk. Overall, Truck was the funnest place we stopped during Dore.


Blogger Bill German said...

the thrill is gone. 2007 was the last good year of dore alley. Now, It's "Put that thing away"!

July 30, 2009 at 7:54 PM  

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